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Google adds Fitbit features to Pixel Watch

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Google adds Fitbit features to Pixel Watch-GadgetAny
Google Pixel Watch

As part of the Pixel Watch app’s November 2022 update, Google has added additional functions. Along with a number of bug improvements, Google has added more Fitbit capabilities, albeit it still falls short of Fitbit’s top-tier smartwatches.

With the initial shipment of free smartwatches with Pixel 7 Pro-pre-orders, Google began selling the Pixel Watch more than a month ago. Despite the Fitbit app essentially replacing Google Fit, the Pixel Watch’s initial Fitbit functionality was quite limited. With Google making three improvements to the Pixel Watch app this month, it appears that the firm wants to gradually strengthen Fitbit interaction with Wear OS.

Google Pixel Watch
Image credit: Google

According to the changelog, Fitbit can now be set up on your smartphone’s smartwatch app with just one press, and the integration settings will then appear on the app’s home screen. Furthermore, according to Google, the home screen will also provide access to Fitbit synchronization data. The fact that there is no longer a requirement to access the Fitbit app in order to manage data synchronization or create a connection between Fitbit and the Pixel Watch, despite the fact that each improvement is little in and of itself, should result in an overall improved user experience.

On most smartphones, the new update should be accessible starting today as it is already in the process of rolling out. According to Google, the November 2022 update fixes problems with configuring an eSIM and adds a 3D instructional to the app’s “Tips & assistance section.” The Pixel Watch app is only accessible through the Google Play Store; it is not accessible through other app shops like the Galaxy Store.

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